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We are a leading manufacturer and provider of premium and innovative fitness equipment and sports goods. Our core services include the design, development, and manufacturing of a wide range of gym equipment. We specialize in creating custom solutions tailored to the unique needs of each of our customers.

Our team consists of experienced professionals, and we use the latest technology and raw materials to ensure that our products meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

We take pride in our commitment to excellent customer service. We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and ensure that we provide them with the right solutions. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our customers, and we achieve this by providing them with exceptional service at every step of the way.

We offer a wide range of products from custom-designed machinery to off-the-shelf components. Whatever your industrial needs may be, we have the expertise and resources to provide you with the solutions you need.

Lastly, we understand that cost is an essential factor in any business decision. We offer competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of our products and services. We believe that our pricing, combined with the quality of our products and services and our commitment to customer service, sets us apart from our competitors.

We hope that we have convinced you that our company is the right choice for you. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our products and services and how we can help you meet your gym needs.


1. Sports Authority of India,[ Delhi, Auranagbad, Shillong, Guwahati, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc.

2. Sports Authority of Andra Pradesh

3. Sindia School, Gwalior,

4. Swami Vivekananda Subharti University, Meerut.

5. Gurukul University, Haridwar,

6. P. G. Colleges, Rishikesh, Haldwani, Dehradun

7. Dr. K. N. Modi Group of Institutes, Modinagar

8. ABES group of institutes, Ghaziabad,

9. Maharaja Agrasen College, Saharanpur,

10. G.D. Goenka, Delhi,

11. Delhi Public School, Ghaziabad,

12. St. Mary’s Academy, [Chennai, Meerut]

13. Bankey Bihari Dental College, Ghaziabad,

14. Mr. Vitender Singh Pawar, All India Body Building Champion,

15. Indian Military Academy, Dehradun,

16. Indian Navy, [Delhi, Vishakhapatnam, Mumbai,]

17. Indian Army, [U.P., Punjab, Uttrakhand, Assam, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, etc.]

18. Indian Air Force, Ghaziabad

19. Police Training Centre, Moradabad,

20. Tough n Tone club, Delhi,

21. Muscles & Fitness club, Pune,

22. Ozone Fitness club, Meerut,

23. Gravity Gym, Meerut,

24. Burn N Build, Meerut,

25. Sawai Man Singh Stadium, Jaipur,

26. Moradabad Club, Moradabad,