Motor 4 HP AC This large-frame AC motor stays cool through the toughest workouts. It creates high levels of inertia for a smooth, powerful feel, and promises a quiet in-home experience. This motor is built with high grade components proven for long run under stabilized Power condition.
Walking Area(L*W) 62 x 22.5 inches Because your in-home workout experience should be a comfortable one, In this treadmill you can walk, jog, length gives your legs plenty of room to stretch out your stride extra elbow room. To ensure our treadmills are top quality, we test each belt for one million cycles at Light user weight before release.
Speed Range 1-20 km/hr. But its nice to know this treadmill can totally handle it. Thanks to a bigger motor size it rocks at top speed of 20 kmph. The convenient Hand Speed buttons let you adjust your intensity instantly, so you can stay focused through every step of your workout.
Incline 20 Auto Level Motorized. Incline training adds resistance to your everyday workout, burns more calories, and increases muscle tone. The hand control button lets you adjust the incline/decline easily.
Display You can watch your Distance covered, Speed, Calorie burn, Heart rate, Body Fat, Incline and Time add up. It feels good to know you are getting stronger each day. Multi window LED Display
Safety Option When you run at a top speed ,we care about you and provide this safety key option, which stops the treadmill running by a fraction of sec just a pull is enough. The Overloaded trip switch provided to safe guard the motor/drive under uneven load because of power(or)external particulars.
USB/MP3 Option Hear your favorite playlist songs, while you run, jog and walks. Hi-Fi Stereo MP3 audio input
One Touch Speed Button Just like that !, ON your single touch the speed can be increased or decreased. You are provide with short cut key for immediate changes of speed incline according to your comfortless.
Programs 12 Intelligent running program, 3 user define.
Main Features Auto Motor belt tighten, Auto Running belt tighten.
  • * Double safety protection function with both emergency stop and soft stop
    * PU handrail
    * High-Power Hifi System, MP3 Audio Input
    * Body Mass measurement for user to evaluate body mass index
    * Professional and simple user operation interface, Quick button for
    speed, incline, program, humanity management of system setting
    * Lower energy consumption design, application for wider voltage range
    * Multilayer shock absorption system.
  • *Easy lubrication