• 23 KG flywheel provides a smooth stable ride, creating more momentum for longer periods of time keeps your workout going the distance. The maximum can support 150kgs do not worry about instability. The momentum of a heavier flywheel keeps the exercise bike steady and securely riding
  • Resistance system – with unlimited resistance provides a smooth responsive ride by increasing the field resistance. Control the intensity of your workout with the convenient multi-control resistance switch.
  • Wide seat size and ergonomic design, breathable and comfortable, protecting the rider from depression.
  • FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE-4 ways adjustable seat and 2ways adjustable handlebar give you the most suitable riding experience.
  • Easy to Move -Dual transportation wheels provide for easy moving and relocation. Simply tilt and roll out for use or away for storage. No need for heavy lifting or muscle strain
  • Assembly size: 1250x660x1150mm I year product warranty. Product installation and service charges are extra.