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Display Type LED Display
Display Readings Keep an eye on your Speed, Time, Distance, Calories, Pulse, Recovery, User Program, WATT Program and HRC with this large LED window monitor. And with Priority Display, you can decide which data you want to watch closely.
Pulse Pad Yes, Maximize your workout with the ultimate tool: heart rate training. A built-in, dual-grip monitor keeps you in your target zone for goal-specific workouts.
Stride Length 21inches Stride Stretching to total body, Bigger stride length give your smooth workout feel and reduces your impact on your knees.
Fly Wheel Weight 11 Kgs Fly wheel, increase the momentum of your speed and make your workout effortless.
Tension Control Level 32 levels Magnetic (Self generated system) This smooth, friction less resistance system allows you to adjust your workout intensity without interrupting your workout. Forget noisy air resistance trainers, Silent Magnetic Resistance. It is quiet, smooth, and durable so you can focus on your ride without disturbing your home.
Self Generator Yes, using Auto current supply for your display on a workout time. Its Can be easy find out your workout schedule.
Floor Level Adjustable Bush Yes, Its Can be use for floor adjustments.
Hand Holding Handle Smooth handles give you a excellent workout experience ,Your whole body gets Ripped.
Assembly Area ( L*w *h) 200 x 61 x 165 cm
Display programs 12 Programs.
Oversized pedals Feel secure when you step into our oversized pedals. With several foot position options, you can settle in for a great workout and enjoy secure traction control.
Features Hand held Heart Rate, Heavy Foot Pedal, Moving Wheel,
Dual Arm Drive, I Pad Holder, User Program(4),
Water Bottle Holder.


Motor 4 HP AC This large-frame AC motor stays cool through the toughest workouts. It creates high levels of inertia for a smooth, powerful feel, and promises a quiet in-home experience. This motor is built with high grade components proven for long run under stabilized Power condition.
Walking Area(L*W) 62 x 22.5 inches Because your in-home workout experience should be a comfortable one, In this treadmill you can walk, jog, length gives your legs plenty of room to stretch out your stride extra elbow room. To ensure our treadmills are top quality, we test each belt for one million cycles at Light user weight before release.
Speed Range 1-20 km/hr. But its nice to know this treadmill can totally handle it. Thanks to a bigger motor size it rocks at top speed of 20 kmph. The convenient Hand Speed buttons let you adjust your intensity instantly, so you can stay focused through every step of your workout.
Incline 20 Auto Level Motorized. Incline training adds resistance to your everyday workout, burns more calories, and increases muscle tone. The hand control button lets you adjust the incline/decline easily.
Display You can watch your Distance covered, Speed, Calorie burn, Heart rate, Body Fat, Incline and Time add up. It feels good to know you are getting stronger each day. Multi window LED Display
Safety Option When you run at a top speed ,we care about you and provide this safety key option, which stops the treadmill running by a fraction of sec just a pull is enough. The Overloaded trip switch provided to safe guard the motor/drive under uneven load because of power(or)external particulars.
USB/MP3 Option Hear your favorite playlist songs, while you run, jog and walks. Hi-Fi Stereo MP3 audio input
One Touch Speed Button Just like that !, ON your single touch the speed can be increased or decreased. You are provide with short cut key for immediate changes of speed incline according to your comfortless.
Programs 12 Intelligent running program, 3 user define.
Main Features Auto Motor belt tighten, Auto Running belt tighten.
  • * Double safety protection function with both emergency stop and soft stop * PU handrail * High-Power Hifi System, MP3 Audio Input * Body Mass measurement for user to evaluate body mass index * Professional and simple user operation interface, Quick button for speed, incline, program, humanity management of system setting * Lower energy consumption design, application for wider voltage range * Multilayer shock absorption system.
  • *Easy lubrication


Resistance type Air bike Display feedback speed, Time, Distance, Calories, Watt, Pulse, RPM, and Program Target Program 4 Interval Training Program 3 H.R.C Program 3 T.H.R Program V Telemetry Heart Rate Receiver V Axle / Crank Type Three Piece Type Net Weight 78.6kg Product Size 123x70x134cm


Flywheel Aluminum magnetic heavy duty & ensures smooth drives
Resistance Magnetic system
Crank Heavy duty 3PC cranking system
Drive system Belt drive
Display Optional available
Seat Ergonomic seat, adjustable Up/Down and Front/Back
Handle bar Anti microbial rubber coated, Multi position handle bar
Handle Up/Down adjustment
Features Transport wheel for easy movement, Light weight (aluminum adjustments system makes proper set us easily)
Max. User weight 170Kgs
Dimension (LxWxH) 1397x585x1143mm (55‚ÄĚx23‚ÄĚx45‚ÄĚ)


Motor AC 4.0 HP
Speed 1.0-20 km/hr
Running Area 163x58cm (64"x23")
Incline 20 Level
Display 18.5 " LED Screen
Display Reading Time, Speed, Incline, Heart Rate, Distance And Calories
Deck reversable  deck
Belt Siegling - Germany, Maintenance free self lubricant running belt
Programs 8 Exercise programs(warm up, run slowly, climbing, stroll, climb mountain, track & field,
reduce weight, running) 3 Customized programs
Features Recovery pattern movement (1-8km/h) for rehabilitation
Shock Absorption - plane damping system
Power saving : Power consumption design / application for wider voltage range
Double safety protection function with both emergency stop & soft stop
Long PU handle for easy holding
Hi-Fi audio system with mp3 audio input
Professional & simple use operation interface, quick button for speed, incline, program, etc.
Extra large foot trail for easy handling


Dimension 2720 x 525 x 1100 mm
Display Type 4 Colour LCD Display With Blue Backlight.
Display Readings With this large LCD monitor, you can keep an eye on your Time, Stroke, Distance, Calories, Pulse, Speed, SPM Recovery, Watt, HRC, and Calories Burned. Measure your training progress at a glance.
Resistance Level 16 Level
Programs 43 Programs, A software module has 25 preset training programs, 5 user modes, 4 heart rate dependants, 1 manual mode, and 1 Watt-control.
Seat Adjustable Work out in comfort with this cushioned seat. Adjust it to find the perfect fit.
Soft Touch Handle This non-slip handle is ergonomically designed to cut down on Tired Time and offer a comfortable workout experience with the added padding.
Pedals Designed to keep your feet in place, these footrests are built with adjustable straps to increase stability.
Fly Wheel Experience a smooth, steady bike pedal stroke with the flywheel made to perform.
Max User Weights Upto 170 kgs
Foldable Fold it up and walk away in one easy step. With our Space Saver design, you free up precious floor space in seconds. Because When You are done, You are done.
Seat Rail Built with lightweight, durable material, the R700 PLUS features an oversized aluminum seat rail.
Portable Moving the R700 PLUS out of the way is fast and easy with the front-mounted transport wheels.
Features i)Magnetic Resistance System ii)High Seating Position Design iii)Comfort and big Saddles


Resistance Magnetic Resistance
Running Area(WxL) 457x1499mm (18"x59")
Features With a high-speed bearing, running more, smooth & quiet
Built in front handle and transport wheels
Steel frame & handrails, with extra front handle
exercise for walk, backward, jog and sprint
with high stand monitor
Max User Weight 120kgs
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1770x760x1600mm (70"x30"x63")


Flywheel 25kgs
Dimension 49x24x48 (1225x590x1200mm)
Max user weight 150kgs
Features Belt Driven Low noise, Multi-Adjustable handle
Emergency braking unit,Multi-adjustable seat, M18 Full steel foot pedal A3 port
Stainless steel base and handle with full-body, the cover ensures long life of the product


Display LCD Display Scan, Speed, Distance, Time, Calorie, ODO
FLY Wheel 25Kgs (44 pounds) Aluminum flywheel with 2 way system, 2pcs crank.
Product Dimension 46" x 24.5" x 54"
Features i)Belt transmission system.
ii)Saddle : Horizontal Vertical.
iii)Handle bar : Horizontal and Vertical.
iv)Adjust resistance.
v)Transport wheels for easy movement.


Use Commercial use
Display Type LCD
Display Readings Speed, Time, Calories, Distance, Watt, Pluse,RPM
Stride Length 23 Inch
Resistance 32 Levels
Programs 12 programs Cardio program (H.R.C), Watt program
Fly Wheel 10 kgs
Product Dimension 1850x710x1740mm
Max User Weight 150 Kgs
Features 14 Programs, Longer Walking Stride, Self Powered Coil,Dual Pulse Handle, Front Loaded


Motor                                    4.0HP AC
Speed                                    1-22Km/Hr
Running Area¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† 1550x560mm (62‚ÄĚx23‚ÄĚ)
Incline                                   Motor incline :0 -15%
Display                                  White LED screen
Display Reading                   Handle pulse, Body fat function, Quick speed and incline button on the console
Running Belt¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Size3230x560xt2.2mm (127‚ÄĚx22‚ÄĚx1‚ÄĚ)
Programs                               36 pre-set programs and 1 manual +3 user's manual
Net weight                             164Kgs
Features                                 Wheels for transportation easily
                                                 6-piece elastic cushions system
                                                 MP3 socket and 2 built-in speaker for your option
                                                 Built-in wireless receiver for your option
                                                 Max User Weight160Kgs
Dimension (LxWxH)¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†2120x900x1590mm(83‚ÄĚx35‚ÄĚx62‚ÄĚ)


Motor (Normal/Peak)
5.0 HP AC
Speed Range
1~25 Km/Hr
Walking Area (LxW)
-3~18 Level
 LED white light display, Multi-window LED white light display
Display Reading
Speed, Distance, Time, Pulse, Calorie,  Program, Incline
 Built-in 12 smart running programs; 3 custom programs.
Features Durable motor with over-current protection, short-circuit protection, and comprehensive protection functions. The rear foot pad is made of highly elastic PVC shock-absorbing rubber, which improves the shock-absorbing performance. Using a new layer non-bearing shock absorber system. Equipped with an automatic lubrication system. The ultra-long and wide running area provides comfort and safety for users. Dual safety protection modes, emergency stop, and slow stop. Energy-saving function, automatic shutdown after the no-load operation. Equipped with wireless charging for mobiles, high-precision infrared probe detection speed adjustment according to the user’s running area. Equipped with a high-sensitivity heart rate sensor, Equipped with high-fidelity audio and Bluetooth music input. interacting with friends, real-time Participate in online running competitions) Support multiple sports APP (support IOS system and Android system).
Max User Weight
Dimension (LxWxH)
Program 24 Running Programs and 3 Custom Programs